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Norwegian Fjords

Norway and the fjords that dot this magnificent Scandinavian coastline truly are an unforgettable sight. The breath-taking views that you will experience while you wind your way through snow-capped mountains will prepare you for what you will see as you reach remote picturesque villages. The endless summer sunshine provides you with every opportunity to take in the indescribable surroundings. Some cruises venture as far as the North Cape and Honningsvagg and from there only the Svalbard Islands stand between you and the North Pole.

Capture your opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Alta is home to the world's first Northern Light observatory, earning the city the title 'Town of the Northern Lights', so you could be no better placed to see this spectacular natural phenomenon if luck is on your side.

Bergen is called the "Gateway to the Fjords," as it is a great launching point for a tour of nature's Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord. This city has a wonderful mix of architectural styles that add to its 18th-century charm.

Lying at the head of Aurlandsfjord, the small village of Flaam is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, isolated farmsteads and waterfalls. Flaam also boasts the extraordinary Flaamsbanen. One of the most dramatic train rides in Europe, the Flaamsbanen takes an hour to cover 12 miles, hugging cliffs, plunging through tunnels and pausing for its passengers to admire the views as it ascends the Flaam Valley to a desolate mountain plateau.

Geiranger is one of the most loved fjords due to the dramatic views it offers -  of the sheer cliffs from the sea and of the picturesque town from a number ofhigh vantage points. Nearby Loen is another breathtaking spot, where the Skylift can take you amove the mist and clouds to another world.

Tromso is the most northern of Norway's rugged islands; Tromso possesses the true wonders of the polar environment: glistening glacial ridges, the icy clear waters of Lake Prestvatn, even windswept valleys where reindeer roam free. Amidst the beauty, there is fascinating history to be found as well, from ancient northern settlements to signs of sacrificial sites and cults that pre-date Christianity.

Whether you arrive on board a cruise ship or choose a land tour of the Norwegian Fjords, adventures await at every turn. You can raise the heart rate with a husky sled experience or RIB ride, or take things easy with an authentic fishing trip or glacier walk.

Norwegian Fjords Factfile

  • Sogne fjord stretches over a distance of 204 kilometers and is the deepest and longest fjord in Norway. It was an important trading route during the Viking Era since it connected the villages of Sogn and Bergen
  • Geiranger fjord, popular for its 'Seven Sisters waterfall' was listed as a world heritage site in 2005 by UNESCO
  • In year 2,000, coral reefs were found on the base of the fjords. This enhanced their profile as a major ecosystem. Coral reef is home to plankton, coral, anemones, fish, several species of shark, and many more
  • Hjørund fjord takes the tag of being the most beautiful fjord in the world for its sword-shaped peaks on either side
  • Hardanger fjord is ideal for salmon fishing. For those who venture out here, you will be surprised by the number of fresh fruit orchards you find on its banks.
  • At 250 meters in width, Naeroj fjord is the narrowest Fjord in the world