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Small Ship Cruising: Cruises For Those Who Don't Like Cruises

Cruises are a popular holiday choice for many people, offering a unique way to travel and explore different destinations, all in one holiday. However, for some, the idea of being on a large cruise ship with thousands of other passengers can be overwhelming. If you fall into this category, don't worry - there are plenty of options for small cruise ships that offer a more intimate and personalised experience. In this article, we'll explore some of the best small cruise ships for those who don't like big cruise ships.


Windstar Cruises offers a luxurious and intimate experience with their fleet of small ships. With a maximum capacity of 312 guests, their ships are able to visit smaller ports and hidden harbors that larger ships cannot access. This allows for a more unique and immersive experience at each destination. Windstar also offers a variety of activities and amenities on board, including water sports, culinary demonstrations, and live entertainment.


UnCruise Adventures specialises in small ship cruises that focus on adventure and exploration. Their ships range from 22 to 90 guests, allowing for a more personalised and flexible experience. With UnCruise, you can choose from a variety of destinations, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. Their itineraries are designed to take you off the beaten path and offer activities such as kayaking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.


SeaDream Yacht Club offers a luxurious and exclusive experience on board their small ships. With a maximum capacity of 112 guests, their ships provide a personalised and intimate setting for travellers. SeaDream Yacht Club sails to a variety of destinations, including the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Northern Europe. On board, guests can enjoy gourmet dining, water sports activities, and a high level of service from the crew.


Star Clippers is known for its unique tall ship sailing experience, offering a blend of adventure and luxury. Their fleet of tall ships can accommodate between 170-227 guests and sail to a range of destinations, including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. On a Star Clippers cruise, you can experience the thrill of traditional sailing combined with modern amenities and activities such as water sports, relaxing on deck, and cultural excursions.


Ponant is a premium French cruise line that specialises in small ship expeditions to remote and exotic destinations around the world. Their fleet of ships can accommodate between 64-264 guests and offer itineraries to places like Antarctica, the Arctic, and French Polynesia. Ponant provides a blend of luxury and adventure, with activities such as wildlife watching, cultural experiences, and gourmet dining. Guests can also benefit from the expertise of onboard naturalists and expedition leaders.


For those looking for a small cruise ship experience in the United States, American Cruise Lines is a great option. Their fleet of modern ships can accommodate between 100-190 guests and offer itineraries along the East Coast, Pacific Northwest, and Mississippi River. On board, guests can enjoy spacious staterooms, locally sourced cuisine, and educational lectures about the destinations visited.

If you're someone who doesn't enjoy the idea of being on a large cruise ship, don't let that stop you from experiencing the joys of cruising. These small cruise ships offer a more intimate and personalised experience, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the destinations you visit. Whether you prefer adventure, luxury, or educational experiences, there is a small cruise ship out there for you.

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